Autumn Around the World

I realized yesterday that some of the leaves are already starting to change!  This made me wonder what Fall might look like in other parts of the world.  I found some very inspirational photos.

Located in the Liaohe River Delta in northeastern China, Red Beach is a protected reserve that attracts a lot of attention in the early fall, when its grass collectively blushes. The crimson flora is a variety of seepweed, a type of salt-tolerant grass, that turns red as it matures. It's most dramatic in September, when most tourists come to experience the organic Technicolor.:
Red Beach, located along the Liaohe River Delta in northeastern China.  Photo From SkyBambi
Autumn in London.:
The streets of London.  Photo from: 416 Studios
Autumn in Sunwapta Falls Canyon, Alberta, Canada. Thomas Dawson Photography
Don't forget to come enjoy our autumn colors, too! South Africa.:
Autumn in South Africa. Photo From: Flikr